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Making a delicious cup of Turkish coffee doesn't take more than 5-10 minutes, so I suggest you try it. What you need: 1- Superfine ground coffee, like powder, 3 teaspoons (1 teaspoon for each cup) 2- Water, 3 cups (Room temperature, 1 for each cup) 3- Sugar, 3 teaspoons if...

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Turkish coffee brewing is one of the oldest methods of coffee preparation if it's not the oldest.  Turkish people started their own way of brewing coffee since the beginning of 15th century. It's kind of cooking ground coffee in water using a special coffee pot called Cezve ( read Jezve...

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We all started out doing it. It’s what I like to call the Guess-timation Method – grab a tablespoon, open your grounds and shovel them into the French press until it looks about right. That’ll do the job, I used to think. Surely it can’t make that much difference? Well...

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Which Device - Which Coffee Grind? - This is a guide only, you should always try altering the variables when brewing coffee to see what works best for your own personal palate.   Fine Grind - Looks finer than table salt, but it's not dust. Suitable for Espresso Coffee, Stove Top...

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Why Cold Brewed Coffee? The benefits of cold brew coffee are almost too many to name - a better taste, a better brewing experience and coffee that is better for you. When coffee is brewed with hot water, this extracts acidic, oily compounds, giving your brew a bitter taste. But...

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