Making a delicious cup of Turkish coffee doesn't take more than 5-10 minutes, so I suggest you try it.

What you need:

1- Superfine ground coffee, like powder, 3 teaspoons (1 teaspoon for each cup)

2- Water, 3 cups (Room temperature, 1 for each cup)

3- Sugar, 3 teaspoons if you want (1 spoon for each cup)

4- A Turkish Milk Warmer Jug

How to make:

- Pour the water into the jug

- Add the coffee powder

- Add the sugar BUT DON'T Stir yet.

- Put the jug on the stove with low-medium heat

- After 1 minute stir the coffee slowly and leave it to cook for a while

- You'll see that the coffee is reaching to boiling point and start coming up in the jug

- Before the coffee "Boils Over" remove the jug and pour the foam on the top into the cups.

- return the jug back on the stove and do the same thing for 2 more times.

- Boom, your Turkish coffee is ready. Enjoy it!

The coffee powder goes down at the bottom of the cup and is used for fortune telling in the Middle East.

 Wanna Learn How To Make Turkish Coffee? Watch this:

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