Why Cold Brewed Coffee?

The benefits of cold brew coffee are almost too many to name - a better taste, a better brewing experience and coffee that is better for you. When coffee is brewed with hot water, this extracts acidic, oily compounds, giving your brew a bitter taste. But with the Cold brew, the natural flavours of the coffee bean take centre stage, giving you a sweeter, more aromatic coffee with no need to add any sugar.

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Cold Brew coffee is far more gentle on the digestive system, meaning that coffee lovers who are susceptible to acid reflux, heartburn or any other stomach issues can enjoy a delicious brew with little risk of a flair-up.

When using cold water to extract the flavours of coffee you end up with a completely different flavour of coffee. Cold water extracts much slower than hot water, and at a much slower rate without the presence of heat. Think of sugar dissolving in cold water, it’s much harder, this is the same thing with cold water and coffee.


Difference between cold brew immersion and cold drip?





Cold Brew Immersion

Stronger Flavours + More body

Slightly more acidic and bitter. (not always a negative)

More sediment, producing chocolaty notes

Cold Drip

Softer Mellow Tea like flavours, easier to extract citrus notes, full body.   

Very low acidity, much smoother.

Very clean brew totally free of sediment.

  • This is very much just a guide to what subtle differences you may expect when using the different methods of brewing with cold water! We do not speak for your taste buds!


Cold Brew Immersion requires no electrical equipment or moving parts and is one of the simplest methods of coffee extraction. Cold brew generally refers to the full immersion method, which is where very coarse coffee grounds are left in cold water for up to 24 hours, then the coffee grounds are removed from the brew. Think Hario Cold Brew Pot or even a regular plunger can effectively do the same job.

Cold Drip is much the same in that it doesn’t require any electricity. Cold drip refers to water slowly dripping through a bed of coffee and eventually dripping through the coffee into a vessel.


Final notes, almost there...

Storage of Cold Drip and Cold Brew can remain in a tightly sealed container in the fridge up to two weeks, and generally, have deeper more intense flavours after 2 or so days. We notice that the longer the coffee develops once brewed the more similar the flavour will become to the coffee liqueur. 

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