Turkish coffee brewing is one of the oldest methods of coffee preparation if it's not the oldest. 

Turkish people started their own way of brewing coffee since the beginning of 15th century. It's kind of cooking ground coffee in water using a special coffee pot called Cezve ( read Jezve or chezve). This method is so simple that everyone can do it easily at home without having a coffee machine.

There are a couple of stories about how this method entered Turkish culture. It is said that the governor of Yemen found a drink in the region and brought it to the Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent (The Emperor of Ottoman). He loved the drink and gave a Royal seal of approval to it.

People in the palace tried to create a new drink out of the coffee beans. So they ground them and boiled the ground coffee in the special pot. And the result was astonishing. Everyone loved it and it became part of the Turkish culture.

Turkish coffee is a rich, foamy black coffee. It definitely tastes different. Some new-age experts say it is not a proper method of brewing coffee, which pisses me off! For hundreds of years, people are drinking coffee prepared with this method and enjoy it. Yes, it is not extraction or brewing, It is cooking, on direct heat. and It tastes GREAT!

If you like a different taste and texture of coffee I suggest preparing a cup for yourself. Get the recipe on how to make Turkish coffee, Click Here.


Watch Traditional Turkish Coffee making on the sand.


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