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Here are the most common asked questions:


Is your coffee freshly roasted?
Yes. Let's call it "Roast To Order". We roast our coffee on Mondays and Tuesdays, and some Wednesdays, on a weekly basis depending on the number of orders we receive.

Is my coffee still fresh when I receive it?
Yes, it is. The coffee in a sealed bag has an optimum 6-month shelf life after roasting. You'll receive your coffee in maximum 10 days when is the best time to enjoy it. (See the next question)

Is it good to drink coffee immediately after roasting? That's what I call Freshly roasted!
No. There is a process called "Degassing". After roasting, gasses, especially Carbon Dioxide, start seeping out of the beans. This process takes 2-12 days depending on the type of coffee and the roast. If you change this habit, it will affect the flavour and the taste and you'll get an inconsistent and uneven extraction of your coffee. So let it rest for a few days.

Should I grind my coffee as soon as I receive it?
The more surface area the coffee has (you've ground it up; also, the finer the grind), the faster it goes stale. The more you expose it to air, the faster it goes stale. So, seal your coffee in an airtight container at room temperature. And grind as close to the time you add water to it as possible.

Are the capsules Nespresso® compatible?
Yes, they are. However, *Nespresso® is a mark of a third party without any link with OzBarista.

How much coffee can I extract from a capsule?
Capsules are designed to extract no more than 40 ml of rich creamy espresso. It’s not recommended that you extract any more volume than 40 ml per capsule.

What if the foil seal of the capsule breaks in my machine?
The capsules have higher grams of coffee in each capsule. If too much water passes through, it may cause the capsule to swell and break the foil seal. If this occurs make sure you clean your machine well and flush with fresh water.

Where do you ship your coffees from?
We ship our coffee from Perth, Western Australia.

What couriers do you use to send your coffee bags?
We currently use CTI Express for Perth metro deliveries, For country WA and Interstate deliveries we use pre-paid Australia Post satchels or Parcel post.

Do you send your coffee overseas?
Not at this moment, however, we are thinking about delivering our coffees to NZ in the near future.

Do I receive a tracking number for my order?
Once you put an order, you'll receive a confirmation email with your order number. We keep the tracking numbers and will not update them because it is a time-consuming task to do. Generally, AusPost does well in terms of delivering the parcels. But if you don't receive your order within the normal delivery time and you want to contact the post office, please contact us to get your tracking number.

I haven't opened the post sachet yet but it seems that some coffee beans are out of the coffee bag. What should I do?
Sometimes before the package is delivered, the pressure of other accumulated parcels in the post causes the seal to become open. This doesn't change the aroma, or the taste because the beans are still in a sealed satchel. You can simply put the beans back into the bag or put them all in a sealed container.

I haven't received my order yet, what should I do?
For the remote areas, it may take longer for postal services to deliver the order. If it's over 10 days and still you haven't received your order, please contact us at support@ozbarista.com and give us your order number. We'll contact you as soon as possible to provide your tracking number so you can contact your local post office to investigate.


How Does OzCoffeeBox Subscription Work?

  • Each month, we hand curate three unique, local roasts for your OzCoffeBox.
  • To ensure freshness, we ship at the beginning of each month. Each OzCoffeeBox carries 2 roasts.
  • Become the coffee artisan of your morning, and indulge your palate with fresh, local artisan roasts.
  • It’s so easy., and you can cancel at any time, hassle free!

    How much coffee is in an OzCoffeeBox?
    Each OzCoffeeBox carries 2 x (250g, or 500g, or 1000g) roasts by your choice.

    When will I receive my first OzCoffeeBox?
    Subscriptions are shipped the first weekday of each month. A monthly cutoff for upcoming month's shipment is the 24th of each month - if order placed after the 24th, you will receive not the upcoming, but the following month's OzCoffeeBox.

    Am I able to skip a shipment if I need?

    Absolutely! Just log in to your account and the option will be there.

    When should I expect my coffee?
    We ship at the beginning of each month.

    Can I change my billing or shipping information?
    Of course! We make it simple. Just log in to your account to update your information so you can be sure you never miss a month! 

    Do you ship OzCoffeeBox internationally?
    At the moment, we only ship within Australia.

    How do I become an OzCoffeeBox Partner roaster?
    Please reach out to us directly at Support@OzBarista.com. We are always looking to add more roasts to our club!

    When will I be billed for the monthly recurring membership?
    For recurring OzCoffeeBox subscriptions, billing will take place on the day you place your first order each month for the upcoming month's OzCoffeeBox. Refunds or cancellations are not accepted after the charge has been completed for that upcoming month - otherwise, this would result in wasted coffee! Nooo...!

    How do I cancel my OzCoffeeBox subscription?
    Your subscription can be canceled at any time by logging into your Account. Go to 'Manage Subscription' and then select 'Cancel' on the line your order is on. Your Prepaid Orders Can't Be Cancelled. 

    What is your return policy?
    We greatly value and appreciate you as our valued customer, however, due to the perishable nature of our product we are unable to accept returns at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Got a question? Please don't hesitate to contact us at support@OzBarista.com.
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